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Words for World Peace

A journey to Nepal with a very precious cargo


Noel Lockyer-Stevens

This book tells of a very special journey I took in 2011, one that went as close to the top of the world as was possible for me to walk.

It tells of the "precious cargo" I was entrusted to take with me. The precious Words for World Peace that people had sent me in the form of words painted on flags and hankies as well as emails printed onto paper.

These were the products of asking via email, website and social media "please give me your precious words to take and read at the Mount Everest base camp in Nepal". I can read your messages at the highest point on the planet I can reach and perhaps the vibration of the words will prevent one bullet being fired from a gun, a fist raised against a defenceless child, or one less word of anger being spoken against another person.

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