"When diagnosed with PCOS, I was confused; receiving conflicting information from various doctors, media, and unreliable Internet sources.  Christine Marquette with Marquette Nutrition provided clarity and guidance towards living a healthy & happy lifestyle with PCOS.  She also spent time explaining PCOS clearly to my loved ones, so that they would be knowledgeable and more understanding.  Thanks to Christine's dedication and education in wellness, I feel healthier now than ever before." -Autumn Bouakadakis, Austin, TX.

“Christine changed my life after my first visit with her.  She was able to give me all the information that I needed to take control of PCOS that no other doctor was able to do since I was diagnosed in 2004.  The materials and information she has given me are easy to understand and follow.  I have more energy and [am] losing weight thanks to Christine.” -Jennifer C., Austin, TX.

“I was diagnosed with PCOS at an annual OB/GYN exam after discussing with my doctor about my struggles with trying to conceive.  The doctor’s office gave me a flyer with information, but I was . . . worried about how it was going to affect me, and began to wonder about what I could do, if anything to help my body out. 

I sought out Chris’ knowledge of PCOS and began sessions with her.  She explained in detail what PCOS was, how it affects women and how to help manage it.  . . . After my first session, I felt more at ease and ready to make some lifestyle changes.  During our sessions, she taught me about the foods that I should eat, how to combine them in a way that was beneficial, helped me plan my shopping lists, and even assisted me at the grocery store to teach me new ways of shopping.  I really enjoyed the fact that Chris did not force me to eat things I did not like or change my whole lifestyle, but encouraged me.  I found that I was more apt to make changes with positive encouragement. 

. . .My menstrual cycles became regular again, my blood pressure was more controlled and I lost weight.  After a few months of working with Chris, I returned to my OB/GYN and was thrilled to find out that I was pregnant.  It was so wonderful to work with someone so passionate about helping others achieve healthy living and so extremely knowledgeable of PCOS.” -Amber H., Austin, TX. 

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