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ISBN-10: 1475009860


This book is dedicated to my three best gals:

Mandy A, Gloria G and especially, especially, Jennifer N.

This book has been the most stressful book for me to write because I had so many personal things going on and injuries and setbacks. You girls were always my online feel-good and pick me up crew!

And Jennifer, I know for a fact that this book, nor the last two, would be available to my readers without you. I know when I give you my book it's in good hands and I know when I have a crisis, personal or professional, you're always there to walk me back to sanityville. I'm so happy that we crossed virtual paths and that I can call you my friend!

I HEART you guys insane amounts!

To my husband, Axel:

I can't even begin to process or say how much I love you. This past year has been a crazy ride and I'm just so thankful and grateful that you still want to ride with me. It's been almost eleven awesome years of being married to you and I'm looking forward to at least fifty more.


Table of Contents

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Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

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