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The Birth of an Advanced Civilization

By Talessian El-Wikosian

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2010 Talessian El-Wikosian. All rights reserved.

When Modern Humans entered the Neanderthal population, they stood more upright, they could pronounce more sounds and they had better intelligence, and that is why Neanderthals decided to kill them off. The old technology always is jealous of the new technology, the older sibling envious of the younger sibling, the smaller breasted woman envious of the larger breasted woman. Jealousy and envy breed hate and hate welcomes violence. If we all loved each other we would have created a space program to travel to Pluto by now and would have all been welcoming starships to earth; instead, we are continually at war, we are continually diseased and we are always looking for ways to be disempowered. Humanity is continually being altered and improved for that is the path to true evolution. But whenever we have a superior entrant into the market, the old players become vindictive and myopic. We are seeing this now with the prevalence of autism in the human population, and because we are focusing on the disease we are missing the greater significance of this situation on earth.

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a widespread developmental disorder in Canada. Autism now affects 1 in every 165 Canadian children and it has no cure. Examined over all Canadian provinces, there can be found about 200,000 children afflicted with a disease that has no cure. In other words, to make the point, children born handicapped. Sure, the last thing a parent wants to hear is that their child is handicapped, but if you have a medical condition that cannot be cured (eg feeble arms) then that is a handicap. Now, I push the terms a little because I don’t believe that autism has been properly interpreted, for one. For two, a population of 200,000 children is significant enough to suggest the emergence of an entirely different kind of entity: a culture. What if autism is the emergence of a new human being? Are we witnessing the birth of an entirely new human, given also that autism rates have grown dramatically and are primarily found in children? Because those two pieces – large population and prevalence in children – is scientific evidence.

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