Elise VanCise

ISBN: 9781476296517

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This edition is dedicated to Rose Mangrobang. My Sis, my best friend, on some days keeper of my sanity. Thanks Sis for being there through it all.

Chapter 1

Thunder rolled and echoed through the sky as Valeska dressed for the evening. She had on her favorite black pants suit, with a sliver antique cameo broach on the collar. Once the final touches were done with her makeup, she headed downstairs.

"Va-va-va-vooom." Was her greeting when she reached the office floor. Travis was her tech man, and thought he was the original Texas stud.

"Where's Marc?" She asked as she headed for the weapons closet. It was more a room at eight by ten feet. Valeska picked out a 9mm semi-automatic, tucked into a shoulder holster under the suit jacket, and throwing knives that slipped into her waistband.

Travis was leaning against a desk opposite the doorway. "Not expecting any trouble tonight are we, V?"

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