Valeska exited the room as she gathered her keys. "That's what we're hired for, to expect trouble. Where's Marc?"

Travis saw that she was going to be all business tonight. "He's already there making sure all the 'precautions' are in place." Valeska nodded; she could rely on Marcus Zane come hell or high water to see that a job was done right. "Good, let's go to work."

Valeska Gorstef was the owner and head security agent of Black Knight Securities; personal protection, bail bonds, bounty hunting, etc. Tonight, they were hired to protect the CEO of Blaze Enterprises, Alex Blazen.

There had been several death threats against him, specifically at tonight's charity event. Marc had handled the preparations for the event, so all she had to do was show up and follow Blazen around while he schmoozed.

She liked that part. Valeska didn't like to fuss with all the details of preparation. Just let her get there and do her job. Basically, she wasn't a people person.

The Blaze Enterprises building was a modern wonder of steel and glass. They had arrived a little early; the event started at seven giving them time for things to go wrong, as the Texan would say. Marc met them at the door. Travis looked up as he unloaded his equipment bag from the SUV. "He looks pissed."

Valeska sighed as she followed Travis's line of sight. Marc was the opposite of easy-going Travis. Marcus Zane looked like the typical bodyguard; big muscles, square face, short brown hair, eyes to match and at six feet four, very intimidating. "Problem, Marc?" Marc was a pure professional, always kept his cool but hated anything that would screw up his schedule.

"Nothing major," he said shaking his head. "There are only two people on their security team with any real experience. Most are green; when Trav gets patched in we need to rerun checks on them all." Real experience for Marc was ex-cop or military.

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