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Work in Canada – as a Caregiver


Easy Step by Step Guide


Arthur Crandon

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012

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Arthur Crandon is a lawyer and former solicitor, having practiced in the United Kingdom for many years. He lives in South East Asia and has been involved with visa and immigration work for many years and has been responsible for assisting hundreds of successful visa applications

Foreword by the author:

I have written this guide to help genuine Asian caregivers through the minefield that is the Canadian Work Permit and visa application process. The precision, accuracy and frankness that you need to apply for a visa would stretch the brightest and most honest minds. It is now so complicated and strict that many genuine applicants are wrongly refused. This is borne out by the number of refusals that are overturned on appeal or review. With the help of this guide I hope genuine student applicants will be successful first time in their application and enjoy their time in the Canada.

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