Jarl on Faruul

W Bradley

Copyright 2012 by W Bradley

Published at Smashwords

I looked across at Leyla. She was stunning; the golden light from the orange moon served to enhance her beauty. Under normal circumstances I would have continued to admire her but the current circumstances were not normal; they were far removed from normal.

I missed Earth. I really did, though I thought I wouldn’t. I missed the people, the languages, the relatively dull news. The longer I spent away from the place, the more I believed it really had been my home and the more I feared I would never see it again.

This planet was not like Earth. It was predominantly green in colour but the foliage, if you could call it such, was not like anything I’d seen. There were no leaves or blades of grass, no tree trunks or flowers, at least not in this strange alien village to which the Prooth had led us. The only kind of ‘plant’ was made up of hundreds of small pyramids. I assumed those acted as the leaves did on Earth plants. They felt smooth on two of the faces and rough on the others. The Prooth had warned me to avoid touching the vegetation as they had only a vague idea how humans would be affected by the potential toxins most of the plant-life gave off. So far I was alright. No rashes at least.

Besides the greenery, the village was made up of cube shaped dwellings, not unlike the houses back home in shape. They were however pale yellow in colour and seemed to be made from one solid block hollowed out. Having questioned the Prooth about these, he had told me they were in fact shaped from one solid chunk of a material they called ‘Holomei’ which could withstand powerful forces, but was easy to cut through with basic tools.

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