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At His Instruction (The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Part 5)

By Delilah Fawkes

That night, I finally shared a bed with the mysterious Mr. Drake.

He slid a silk robe over my shoulders, and led me from his dungeon, through the study, and up yet another flight of stairs to the top level of the mansion—the floor I’d never set foot on, afraid I’d be tresspassing.

He led me down a hallway with no other doors until we reached the end. There was nothing but an intricately carved black door with no knob. Mr. Drake reached into his pocket and removed a tarnished silver key, then fit it into a lock that blended almost perfectly with the scrollwork.

More secrets, I thought with a smile. My, but he is mysterious. But perhaps when you were as rich as Mr. Drake was, you were allowed a few eccentricities. I certainly wasn’t complaining.

He smirked at me as the key turned, his eyes glinting in the darkness.

“I’ve never invited a woman into this bedroom before,” he said.

I raised an eyebrow. “Never?”

He ran a hand slowly down my spine, stroking me in a way that made me shiver beneath the robe.

“I usually send my lovers home, or they sleep in a separate room. You’re the first, Isa… What do you do to me?” He turned the knob, and pushed inward. Low lights came on, illuminating the room. “You’re different from all the rest.”

I wanted to believe that, but, unbidden, a small voice inside my head whispered what’s so special about you? A pit formed in my stomach, but I tried to tamp it down; to focus only on him and this moment. Now was not the time to worry about if, or when, he’d tire of me and move on. I was here to enjoy myself… for as long as it lasted.

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