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Chapter One

If this were a movie, the script would probably say that stories about Slocomb's Pond went back hundreds of years...before the British Colonial period of coastal Georgia, before the Spanish conquest, back as long as written records of the area go. Some character, like a folklorist or a learned professor, would claim the ancient tribes who hunted and fished all across these shadow-swept lands had legends about the pond; that their elders had passed down, from generation to generation, a warning to the young: Don't go near those waters, ever; bad things live there.

Not so, I'm afraid. Slocomb's Pond was a man-made and fairly recent addition to the local geography. You could tell just by looking at it: about five acres of water molded into a perfect lima bean shape, too boring and exact in its dimensions to have been fashioned by Nature's hand. A pretty sight, though, with its muddy banks garlanded by bracken ferns, elephant ears, and gnarled, moss-draped live oaks.

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