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The Three Planeteers For All

by Edmonda Hamilton

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Edmonda Hamilton

A Gender Switch Adventure


Comrades of Peril

THEY sauntered through the crowded, krypton lit street bordering the great New York spaceport, casually, as though there was not a reward on their heads. An Earthwoman, a Venusian, and a huge Mercurian, looking merely like three ordinary space-sailors in their soiled, drab jackets and trousers.

But inwardly Joan Thorn, the lean, dark-headed Earthwoman of the trio, was queerly tense. She felt the warning of that sixth sense which tells of being watched. Her brown, hard-chinned face showed nothing of what she felt, and she was smiling as though telling some joke as she spoke to her two companions.

'We're being followed,” she said. “I've felt it, since we left the spaceport. I don't know who it is.'

Sua Av, the bald, bow-legged Venusian, laughed merrily as though at a jest. Her bright green eyes glistened, and there was a wide grin on her ugly, froglike face.

'The police?' she chuckled.

Gunda Welk, the huge Mercurian, growled in her throat. Her shock of yellow hair seemed to bristle on her head, her massive face and cold blue eyes hardening belligerently.

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