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For Sam

Chapter One

Gibraltar at least that part of it that I would eventually come to know so well, was a culture shock to say the least. Unlike Newcastle, where all one had to do was wait an hour or so and the weather would change, from sunny, to rain, to sleet to a raging blizzard, Gibraltar was perfect. The sun shone almost every day, there was a breeze from the sea and life was laid back and easy.

The people too, seemed to have a different mind-set. What was the point of working when the sun was shining, and the beaches beckoned? Every afternoon it seemed that the people would forget the cares of the work place to throng the long, pristine, sandy beaches, to sun, to make out, and occasionally, to swim.

My favourite nude beach was a narrow strip near Estapona, about 15 miles from Gibraltar. Estapona conserves the essence of a typical Andalusian village with old constructions, like the San Luis Castle, built during the 16th century or the Clock Tower, from the 15th century and of Arabic origin.

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