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What Others Are Saying About No Wheat? No Sweat!

Do we need another book on not eating wheat and other glutens? Yes, and the reason is this book is a comprehensive little book that covers much territory.

Lisa Rogers has taken on a major task of "re-educating" people on the need to reading labels to eliminate gluten from their diet. Her mission is educate all on the way to cook, bake and eat without worrying about reactions to gluten.

I have reviewed the book and was pleased with what was presented. My patients are also surprised with the variety of recipes that can be created with her substitution list. You will find that not eating wheat and other gluten's are not the end of the world. "What you can eat" is now available.
Dr. Harold Steinberg, DC, CCN, DACBN

After three years of simply eliminating gluten and wheat from my diet, it's wonderful to finally be able to incorporate some recipes back into it that not only look like they have gluten in them, but taste just as good if not better than their gluten counterparts! No Wheat, No Sweat! has amazing recipes that really showcase what can be done with alternative flours, as well as dairy and sugar substitutes. Having great tasting breads and bread products is an option, again, I highly recommend the peanut butter cookies! You'd never know there isn't any wheat in them!
Rebecca Casalino, RN
GF 4 years

Whether a reader peruses the latest, hot cookbook or a blistering piece of investigative journalism, the writer’s allegiance is always revealed. Many writers jockey to impress while other writers lead with clarity and ease of comprehension. Happily, Lisa Rogers, in her book,” No Wheat, No Sweat!, impresses with clarity and an obvious desire to make gluten-free cooking as easy as possible. In fact, after a few pages, you feel that Lisa is your friend in the kitchen.

If the book has a tone, it is the spirit of giving which, most probably, will be passed on by those who duplicate Lisa’s original recipes for family, friends and co-workers.
Ron Tabor BA, RRT, RCP

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