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Talessian El-Wikosian

Smashwords Edition

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Time is a permeable item with interesting consequences. Each decision we make impacts the temporal scale of decision making. We cannot see those impressions with our eyes, neither can we see the trajectory of those follow up decisions. The result of all of our decisions is looking at us in the mirror. You, right now, are the result of “fractal time.” But there is one vital component of decision-making that we neglect, a component that can be referred to as a magic moment. Call it synchronicity, mistake, coincidence or curse, each lifeline is filled with magical moments. This is why a healthy woman of twenty-two can get hooked on crack cocaine and end up on skid row, and also why a 28-year-old bachelorette can get on a TV show and become a celebrity.

Fractal time n. 1 a similar existential pattern imprinted on other levels of dimensions. 2 an irregular geometric shape holding time and space.

Just as each individual experiences magical moments in time so too does a nation. A nation makes decisions via its leadership and those decisions impact the temporal scale of decision making. We have all witnessed the timelines of our nations and each magical moment leaves an impression and alters the trajectory of the nation and its people. But over the past so many years, a number of events have significantly altered the fractal time outcome of nations. And nations have impacted the timeline of other nations just as one individual can impact the decisions of other individuals.

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