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What I have observed and needed to share is something of a highly serious nature, but not something that is urgent. It is not urgent because time is now. It is a very serious because what has happened throughout history is the repression of time via negative “fractal impressions.” These fractal impressions have caused a retardation of human history.

Fractal impression n. 1 a repeated thought print with temporal effect. 2 point in space for similar recurrence.

What causes a negative fractal impression? Any event that significantly impacts the decisions of a cluster of the population in a regressive way is a negative fractal impression. A negative fractal impression is produced after the trigger event. This is not a paper to prove the redistribution of fractal time which in itself could take a number of books. Perfect examples of world-grade impressions include the Great Depression, World War I, World War II, Iraq War, Vietnam War, Spanish Inquisition and Tiananmen Massacre.

A negative fractal impression results from a trigger event. For example, in September 11, 2001, the World Trade Centers were struck. That event triggered the decision to invade Afghanistan and Iraq with a military-scale invasion. The War in Iraq, however justified, impacted the security, travel and safety of the entire world. The $700 billion bailout of US Banks in November of 2008 is another trigger event that caused a worldwide recession.

We can also see trigger events in China when Hong Kong handed over power to Communist China in July 1997. By September 1997, an Asian financial crisis nearly spread across the world into 1998 and forced new decisions in all nations.

On another dimension, at the energy level, the impacts are noticeable from these trigger events, or magical moments, and can have amazing repercussions in the other dimensions, localities of reality that very few people care about until they pass from this life.

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