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I’ve used a question-and-answer format to make it easier for readers to skip to the information they need. I begin with the questions newcomers ask most often—legal issues, educational requirements, record-keeping, testing, and meeting other homeschoolers. Then I discuss different types of schedules, teaching methods, favorite resources, and how to manage the high school years. I finish with advice for handling problems you may encounter along the way, and include a few good articles for inspiration.

I’m grateful to the homeschoolers who answered my surveys, shared their wisdom and experiences, and freely gave advice to help me make this a more useful resource. Although responses may have been lightly edited for length or clarity, their opinions are their own. I think you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I have.

Please email me at if you have a question I didn’t answer, find a typo or broken link, or have comments and suggestions for future updates.

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Part IGetting Started

I’ve decided to homeschool my children. How do I start?

Begin by researching the homeschool law for your state. It’s usually best not to call your local school for legal information. Homeschooling is usually under the state’s purview, so your local district may not have an accurate or complete understanding of the law.

Instead, contact a homeschool support group in your area (a list is available at Most state groups have legal information on their websites, along with a practical “translation” of the law. There may be different interpretations, however, so try to research several sites for a more complete and balanced view of the legalities in your area.

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