Last Knight Complete Series

By Austin P. Torney

Copyright 2012 Austin P. Torney

Smashwords Edition

(Last Knight’s Almanac Book 1)

Chapter 1: The Battle

The Arthurian legends are a wonder of the past and present. They buoy our spirits, unchaining us from many of the restrictions of modern life. The legends call to us across the centuries—a call we cannot ignore. We can know Lancelot, and love him for his sins as well as his valor, as if he were our own companion.

How we cherish the legends! Never, perhaps, will we know them with complete understanding. Many writers have tried, using pens of many mettles. I am faithful only to my own dreams of what happened so long ago. The Arthurian tales handed down through generations have been embellished and embroidered so much that we can never be sure of the truth—and we don’t really need to since the legends now sustain themselves.

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