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The Path of Balance


Linda Jordan

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~The Path of Balance

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The Path of Balance

In the crisp light of Koleko, the morning sun, Asmara sat cross legged on the floor of the sanctuary. She faced the new crop of male and female candidates as they tried to be still. With the rising of the second sun, Anya, the heat would come. But right now, her buttocks felt chilled from the cold stone, even through the thin cushion and her thick, soft robe. The ochre stuccoed walls surrounded her, hung with woven carpets waving in the cool breeze which blew down the passageway. She had grown softer in the last year.

Green dust fluttered through the air and the ever present smell of sanshay filled her nose. She was coming out of a sanshay cycle, which always left her feeling slightly hung over. A headache and low on energy.

Except today she had a session with her favorite guest, Cassidy. The thought made her smile inwardly. She looked forward to their meeting times. She had been seeing him ever since he arrived on Paradiso, nearly ten years ago. Her heart sank, knowing that he’d have to leave soon.

Most of her guests were tourists from the Inner Planets. People who wanted to experience sanshay with a Priestess of the Aquila Rift.

One of the young girls in front of her shifted uncomfortably and groaned. Asmara looked at her and the girl straightened and focused on her meditation again.

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