Triumph Complete Series

By Austin P. Torney

Copyright 2012 Austin P. Torney

Smashwords Edition

The Triumph Of Life, Love, and Being

Chapter 1: The Monastical Village

I am Brother Peter, a monk, now in the monastery’s sanctorium, where I study philosophy books, and perform their illumination, for this is also a scriptorium. There is a convent next to the abbey, where the nuns begin the books, the verse, and then send them over to the monastery for illustration. I deal, mostly, with Sister Angelina, although we have never met in the entire and holy arena. She sends me the books, with the instructions enclosed therein. We work tirelessly on these books of philosophy, which thus travel back and forth, freely, between the monastery and the nunnery, and we often secretly read them for their content, too, and thereby learn of the universal extent. We soon begin to discuss the books and their philosophical hooks, through more personal notes and letters to each others nooks. I am surprised when it first happens, for I find the note, right away; it floats and falls out of the book I am illustrating, as if it had been on wings to me. Obviously it is from my friend sent, the holy nun somewhere in the convent.

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