Look into my soul,
Tell me what you see,
Let me see through your eyes,
Show me who I am supposed to be.

I look into a mirror,
Expecting to see my own reflection
Yet what do I see,
None other than the beast that dwells inside.

Dark forests
Murky waters
Black abyss in my space,
All I see with the rose pedals dead on the ground.

I run,
The longer I run
The farther I get
From the truth stalking me down to submission.

He stops in front of me,
He peers down at my weeping face,
He smiles,
I smile.

He is gone,
Yet I know always with me inside
Like a hawk on the prowl,
Like a bandage on my torn soul.

I take my next step,
The sky above me opens
The ground beneath me quakes
The trees around me fall
The sounds and noises
Forming in my head
All yell and scream
In torture in pain
In death in remorse
In sorrow for a world once lost,
I shut my eyes,
And it stops.

The sky closes,
The ground stops,
The trees grow once more,
The yelling and screaming
Turn to sighs of relief and laughter.

I look to the mirror once more,
A tear falls from my cheek,
I see myself,
And as I walk down this path of horrors and wonderment,
The beast follows behind.

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