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This book is dedicated to all my children and grandchildren, who through the years have listened to my stories and put up with all of my experiments. To my children, Jeffrey, Andrea, Melissa and David who heard the talk for forty years, and to my grandchildren, Chelsea, Samantha, Jason and Jessica and Savannah who are just beginning to hear it—thanks for being there.

You are truly my encouragement. To my wife Jacqueline for her listening and her suggestions. Most of all, I want to thank the thousands of children and teens I have talked with over the years, who always seem to be one step ahead of me—you are my source of inspiration.


Preface: I Was a Fat Kid, Too

Part 1: Facing The Overeating Problem as a Family

Chapter 1: Is Your Child or Teen Developing Obesity-Related Problems?

Chapter 2: Why So Many Children and Teens Are Overweight—and Why Parents Don't Recognize It

Chapter 3: Who is Normal, Overeating or overweight in the Family?

Chapter 4: Psychological Complications for Children Outweigh Fears of Bulimia

Chapter 5: Kids and Teens Talk to Each Other. Parents Listen.

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