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By Ben R. Philibert

Copyright 2012 Ben Philibert

Smashwords Edition

Artwork by Mike Wigand

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What’s her name again?”

I don’t remember—Molly or Holly or something like that.”

When Spencer Whitman first heard that his college roommate and friend, William Critchfield, better known as Playboy Willy, had hooked up with a couple of sorority girls from the University of Missouri—a school that was all the way on the other side of the world and were more than desirous to accompany them to a fun and wild night out on the town— he felt charmed but also a bit skeptical. The self-consciousness was not the issue here; it was his relationship with the opposite gender that left something to be desired. In fact, it was going to be his very first. After Willy had informed him of the very special night that he arranged for the both of them, his spirits rose, motivating his confidence like never before. Everything has to have its starting point, the thought. None of them begin perfectly, but that's the nature of the beast. The experience is what will bring me closer to mastering it; my man Playboy Willy always pulls through for me, and he has ever since we we met two years ago as freshmen!

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