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Chains sat exactly between Butt Fuck and Nowhere. It’s a bar on route 142 about 20 miles south of Poplar Bluff MO, the Gateway to the Ozarks. Head north out the parking lot and you will hit the mountains, south will find you in Arkansas. Go south and across the Mississippi River will get you Tennessee. All around the bar is cornfields.

From late June until the corn was harvested in mid to late September it was very easy to drive past Chains if you didn’t know exactly where it was. Jimmy ‘The Rat’ Baines, the owner of Chains, had erected a giant pole with a Harley Davidson stuck at the top. The bike was his but once he couldn’t ride anymore he wrapped the bike in Christmas lights and stuck it on the end of the pole. It didn’t matter how high the corn got you could tell where the bar was.

That the bar looked liked it had been built from mobile home debris was no accident. The area is famous for being one of the many on ramps to Tornado Alley. Each year there would be several violent storms through the area. Afterwards Jimmy would send his sons out to find trailer debris. Once enough usable scrap was gathered Jimmy would “redecorate” and the bar would get a little bigger.

There wasn’t a place to get a drink for miles. During the day the bar has a steady stream of thirsty farm hands looking for a few minutes out of the heat. After 8pm there isn’t anything going on in Buttfuck. Nothing going on in Nowhere and most certainly nothing going on at Chain’s. But Jimmy stays open.

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