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Copyright 2012 Stroker Chase

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A fine mist curled through the trees, hovering over their aching feet. Dark blue skies with white swirling clouds passed by overhead. The tranquil forest would have looked beautiful to Claire. It would’ve been a nice little retreat…if she wasn’t being held prisoner by a band of crazy cultists, masked in black cloaks.

The rain started, pattering down on her two friends in front of her. The cool water felt great on her skin. Calming. Claire was dressed in a skimpy little volleyball outfit, half of her body exposed. Her other friends, Eileen and Gwen, had on their volleyball outfits as well.

Except they were torn, getting wetter, barely clinging to them only because of how soaked they were. She watched their tight bodies sway up the path, focusing on their movements, getting lost in the pace of their march.

Gwen turned to her. “How much longer?”

Really Gwen? You’re going to ask me that? Gwen was usually smarter, but being taken in the woods for days had stressed her out to the point of mental breakdown. How was Claire supposed to know where they were going?

Not much longer,” Claire said.

Gwen threw her head back down, trying to keep up pace with the shrouded figures that went by her side.

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