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The Ivory Prison

Ashlyn Daube


Copyright 2012 Ashlyn Daube

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Original Story Request:

Dear Author,

Changelings don't exist. That's what the government wants you to believe. We're their newest weapons for espionage, a reality after decades of failure in genetic R&D, though we still have some anomalies--dependencies--to be "fixed". We need to have genetic material to change.

They say the two of us are finally mission-ready, but I don't want to be separated from the only other "person" who understands this life. I need him.

I don't think that's a "dependency" they expected.


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Genre: Sci-Fi

Word Count: 8,169

Tags: genre-scifi-futuristic, profession-spies-secret-agents, species-shifters-non-wolf-cat, sexcontent-sweet-no-sex, theme-prison-captivity, theme-young-adult-characters


I don’t remember if I was ever human. Don’t remember much before I was fourteen years old. I say "much" because I remember enough to want to forget it all. I exist trapped by white walls and the smell of bleach. A space that belonged to me and that I was never allowed to leave. This is the only home I have ever known and likely the only one I will ever know. The four marble walls are barren and whole except for one. The one with the door and the mirror. Next to the door is a little black box that controls it. It beeps and its light turns green warning me that someone is coming, warning me to stay still and not do anything stupid. Three feet from the door starts a huge mirror that runs almost the entire length and height of the wall. It wasn’t always there. It appeared during the day of my eleventh birthday. I remember staring at my reflection for the first time, meeting sunken hazel eyes and pulling at the dark blond strands that fell on my face. Seeing something there that resembled the men that came and went from the room. But there was always something off. Something missing that made me different.

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