The One World

by George Phillies

Text copyright 2012 George D. J. Phillies

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Jeremy Taylor (

Image from under license

A gift from George Phillies.


Temple of the Falling Cloud

Aya-Apulchta, South-Shore

Leaf-fall 13, 2432

"Evaine?" the Instructor asked. "Recall for us the Proof from Life that Womankind, uniquely, partakes of the Divine Nature of The Goddess."

Evaine stood. She was not yet into her full height, but was still taller than her teacher. "Instructor," she answered. "Among the beasts of the field as many boys as girls are born, because they are balanced between She Who Is and the Divine Boy of the Sea. Among Womankind alone, for every boy eight or a dozen girls are born, because Womankind uniquely is filled with her Divine Essence.”

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