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Text Junkies


Written by: Kim & Katie


Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 by Kim Wyman & Katie Dunham

All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 1

Charlie 2 Wyatt (texting):

Man I cant believe my mom finally got me a phone. Thanks 2 5th grade requirements!

Sweeeeeet, what kind did u get?

Wiz 800. The key pad is gr8 and I am sooooo glad I didnt have 2 take a school issued 1.

JIT, r assignments start coming via text starting 2morrow.

Mom cant believe texting will be allowed becuz when she was in 5th grade kidz had 2 rite everything out. Geez, its like she had 2 walk both ways uphill 2 school w/ no shoes on or sumthing. Grampz had it a lot harder, I dont know what she’s complaining about.

Ya, my mom gives me the same story –no worries, when they c the A’s, no grief baby.

C u 2morrow. I need to clean my room.

Monday morning could not arrive soon enough. Charlie’s mom picked up Wyatt on the way to school.

“Man, I cannot wait to get to school!” said Charlie.

“Me either!” agreed Wyatt as he hopped in the truck.

It was the first day of school at West Side Elementary, and that meant new cell phones. West Side School had been selected for a pilot program that equipped all fifth grade students with brand new cell phones. Better yet, the students were expected to not only bring their phones to school every day; they were expected to use them every day. During school! An article in the local paper explained the grant promoting new technologies in the schools. Features of the new phones included: texting, video, and scanning, and they could hold up to 1200 photos, access the internet, and plug into ports placed on the students’ desks. Parents could buy their students a phone, or it could be school issued and turned in at the end of the school year.

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