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Why Rent Out Your Holiday Home?

At HomeAway, we’ve created one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for holiday rentals. Our mission is to make it easier than ever for owners like you to advertise & profit from your holiday home and let holidaymakers know about the ease & freedom that comes from renting a home on their holiday versus staying in a hotel.”

-Brian Sharples,

CEO, HomeAway, Inc.

You may have thought about renting out your holiday home for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you haven’t used it as much as you planned and don’t want it to sit empty. Maybe you really need to offset the costs of owning it. Or perhaps you simply want to share your amazing holiday home with others.

Don’t let any fears about renting it out stop you from this rewarding experience. Common concerns about renting (too much work, could get damaged, no guests will come) are often unfounded. And they’re certainly outweighed by the advantages.

Whether you hire a property manager to handle the details or you intend to manage it on your own, start by knowing what to do. This booklet will guide you in creating the right plan so you can enjoy having a successful holiday home rental business.

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