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Something Like Winter

by Jay Bell


Author’s Note

My dad had a tattoo on his arm, one he got while in his Navy days. Beneath a skull, in ink already faded by the time I was around to see it, his tattoo read “Born to lose.” As a kid, I had no idea why someone would get a tattoo like that, and I still don’t. Was it meant to be ironic? Maybe. He became a very successful man, not that he could have known. Maybe he was feeling pessimistic that day. Most likely he was just drunk. Regardless, if I were to get such a tattoo, it would read “Happy couples are boring.”

So many people asked me to write a sequel to Something Like Summer, and often I would give the same answer. Happy couples are boring. And they are. Cozy evenings on the couch, a night out for drinks, a vacation to Paris… *yawn* While these things might make for a happy life, once written down they become the equivalent of an adult watching Teletubbies. Sure the pretty colors and fanciful creatures might draw your attention, but soon enough you’ll get bored and change the channel.

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