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Max Delano Beers

Study generates knowledge; knowledge prepares love; love, similarity; similarity, communion; communion, virtue; virtue, dignity; dignity, power; and power performs the miracle.” Johannes Trithemius 1462-1516

Copyright 2011 Max Delano Beers

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Smashwords Edition


With the sun setting behind the jungle, all I could see of the Caribbean waters was the white of the breaking surf. The dwarfed coconut palm trees scattered along the beach swayed with a warm breeze. It was peaceful. And that’s what I needed more than anything: peace and calm. A time to stop. A time to think.

The shadow of my two little friends dancing together in the sand was almost comical: holding hands, jumping around to corner a small sand crab scurrying in all directions to get past the dancing bare feet. And their giggles. These two best friends here for me. My friends--she about half my size, and he about half hers--Jungle Boy the green Faerie, and Beejay the pretty Gnome girl, everybody’s friends, and my ticket to the world.

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