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Sucked By My Straight Stepdad

by Elise Artez

Copyright 2012 Elise Artez

Smashwords Edition

Content Warning

The content in this book is intended for mature audiences only. It contains explicit language and graphic depictions of sexual activity. By purchasing this book you agree that you are of a legal, consenting age to read the content herein.

Sucked By My Straight Stepdad

“Tiffany. Tiff! Jesus, would you just wait?” It wasn’t the first time I had to stuff my cock back into my boxers, pull up my pants, and chase after my girlfriend, though I figured it might be the last.

She’d just done up the last button on her blouse when she turned, glaring at me hard enough to freeze over a volcano. “Why? Why should I wait, Ryan? Are you suddenly going to want to fuck me?”

Dad always taught me not to swear in front of a lady. I figured it didn’t apply if she said it first. “I do want to fuck you! It’s just… I’m under a lot of stress. I’ve got a report due tomorrow, and—“

“You’re always ‘under a lot of stress,’ Ryan.” She looked down at my decided lack of a bulge and then back to me before giving a weary sigh. “Look… I’m going to Jackie’s for a couple hours. Call me when you figure out what you actually want.”

“Tiff, come on—“

I knew it was the end of the conversation. She already had her hand on the door. But she paused for a moment, a pleading look in her eyes. She was waiting for me to say something. Something bold and reassuring and perfect. But if any of that was in me, it wasn’t coming out. I just stood there like an idiot and let her walk out of the brand new apartment we’d just decided to move into. Together.

“I’ll talk to you later, Ryan.” I could hear the tremble as she spoke.

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