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Hidden Talents

By Claire Cray

Copyright 2012 Claire Cray

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Table of Contents

1. Telepath Seeks Asylum. Smoker. Pets OK.

2. Jin wakes up in Sadland

3. Monkeys, Ghosts, and Sky

4. Aki’s Nightmare

5. Ken Goes Along

6. Mark Lets Go

7. Talent

One: Telepath Seeks Asylum. Smoker. Pets OK.

Jin hopped expertly from rooftop to rooftop, his eyes bright with anticipation. The neighborhood was packed with tiny tenement-like apartments, and they sent up a thick swarm of mundane mental chatter to buzz through his brain. He kept it at bay through force of will, focusing on his target two streets over. He'd already stalked and killed a man today in Amsterdam, and despite his exhaustion, he always felt in fine form after a good execution. The fact that the man was a Gadamer agent was even more satisfying. Definitely a highlight of being on the lam, and it was a good thing there was a goddamn highlight because for the most part being on the lam was pretty fuckin' miserable.

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