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First Time Gay the Family Way

by Elise Artez

Copyright 2012 Elise Artez

Smashwords Edition

Content Warning

The content in this book is intended for mature audiences only. It contains explicit language and graphic depictions of sexual activity. By purchasing this book you agree that you are of a legal, consenting age to read the content herein.

Table of Contents

Screwing My Straight Stepbrother

Sucked By My Straight Stepdad

Screwing My Straight Stepbrother

I never thought I’d be one of those guys. 26 years old and still living at home. Jobless. Friendless. Not much of a love life. Still too afraid to come out to Dad.

And completely, unwaveringly, head over heels in love with my brother.

Okay, so maybe he wasn’t really my brother. My Dad remarried when I was 16 and his new wife brought Dominic with her. He was two years older than me. Built well. Thick dark hair. A patchy beard that was just starting to grow in. Popular with everyone, really, even if he tended toward being shy with the ladies. I couldn’t think of a single person who didn’t adore Dom.

But I didn’t realize I had a thing for him until college. He’d gotten really strung out over this girl. Carly, I think her name was. Pretty much the definition of a manipulative bitch. She used him for a place to stay then fucked his best friend, all the while stringing him along.

Dom was heartbroken when he found out. And when I saw him like that – stoic, never shows emotion Dom – sobbing into my shirt, I just wanted to protect him. Take him away from anything and everything that could hurt him. Promise him the world and more. Not the way a brother does. Not even the way a friend does. Hell, probably not the way a decent human being does, because I’d come so close to telling him how badly I wanted his cock in my mouth. How I’d let him fuck me til I couldn’t stand. Stuff my tight ass so full of cum he couldn’t stick it in anymore.

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