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Four Smoking Hot Stories

This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All characters represented within are eighteen years of age or older and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This work is property of Raminar Dixon, please do not reproduce illegally.

Episode One: A Good Hard Cleaning

After I was laid off from my job at the department store, the thought of having a few weeks off was the only good thing I could take from the situation. When my unemployment started to dry up and I still hadn’t gotten an interview anywhere, I began to worry. That worry changed into determination, though, and I decided that starting my own business was the way to go. After all, how many really rich people do you know that work for someone else?

Thus, “Sexy Scrubbers”, my house cleaning service, was born. I like to call it a maid service with a twist.

Lonely guys that just need a little help with household chores call me up and I come right over. Instead of spicing things up by wearing a French maid outfit, I decided my uniform would be a bikini top and a pair of brutally high-cut daisy dukes. It was an overnight success. Just like all my customers, business had exploded over the last month.

My latest customer, Ron, was taking great pleasure watching me straighten up the pillows on his living room sofa. He was quite the looker, and tall, too. Ron seemed like the kind of guy that would have no problem getting women, but I sometimes fantasies have to be purchased, I guess. He was firm and well-built, with a smooth, tanned complexion and a stylish crop of short, thick black hair. His house spoke volumes about how well off he was, but as usual, there wasn’t much cleaning to be done. After washing a small handful of dishes, I picked up a few stray pillows and carried them to the couch he was sitting on.

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