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Welsh Legends and Myths

Graham Watkins

Copyright 2012 Graham Watkins

Smashwords Edition


Dark winter nights and a vivid imagination have created a long tradition of story telling amongst Celtic people and the Welsh are no exception. Like the Irish and the Scots, we love a good story. There are literally hundreds of Welsh legends and tales that have been passed down through the centuries. Many of them are based on factual events. Some have mythical roots, but all are entertaining.

In this book you will find a collection of sixty four Welsh legends, gathered from across Wales. Previously published in four volumes as ‘Legends and Myths from Wales’.Learn how the Temptress of Cilgerran tricked her husband, the truth of the French invasion, why there is a Prince sleeping in caves deep beneath Carreg Cennen, the secret of Culver Hole and why Twm Shon Cati is known as the Welsh Robin hood. Discover the story of Dafydd Gam and how he got his name, why the Men of Harlech were so valiant and the reason King Tewdrig wanted to save his kingdom. Learn the incredible story of Merthyr and its Iron Masters. These are just a few of the stories told in these pages.

Many pieces of Welsh folklore are repeated and there are variations of the same story relating to different places. At the same time, some places are associated with several legends. To avoid confusion and repetition, where legends are similar, I have used the story I liked best and omitted the rest. No offence is intended to partisan interests. One advantage I found of rewriting the more ancient legends is the licence to embroider. That is what storytellers have done for centuries. Nothing changes and I admit that I had a lot of fun adding my own interpretation to some of the tales.

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