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The Otherworld of Jenny Mcqueen

By Margo Martin Benning

Copyright © 2012 by Margo Martin Benning

Published by Advocate House, Publishing at Smashwords

ISBN: 987-0-9850202-2-4

To my super-supportive husband

To Helen, Bill and Katy, always my fids, always my friends


To my awesome grandchildren,

Brandon, Chloé, Hunter, Cameron, Sommer and Tyler

CHAPTER 1 : The Call

Once upon a rainy Wednesday in a land that some people like to call The Real World, a 60 year-old woman named Jennifer McQueen was driving to a dental appointment. In truth, her silver Corolla was barely crawling toward the downtown area of Omniville, Ohio. Ongoing roadwork on Main Street had traffic backed up for blocks again. Jenny, as she was called, had awakened to her clock radio playing something that sounded to her sleep-filled ears like harp music. She’d been sure she hadn’t changed the station, which usually began her day with the morning’s bad news and a commercial for Terry’s Tires. No time to worry about that. She had to get dressed for her ten o’clock appointment. The phone rang twice. Telemarketers. Damn! And then she couldn’t find her car keys. Double damn! They had been hiding (deliberately!) under her overstuffed handbag. So there she was, already running 15 minutes late, in the middle of an endless rain-slogged traffic jam.

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