This book focuses on the true purpose of the Book of Revelation as stated in chapter one, verse one, “The revelation of Jesus Christ...,” and how that revealing takes place. It is not a book that outlines and details the future destruction of the world, there are plenty of those books already. Instead, this is a book about the revealing of Christ in his people, in you, as described in the Book of Revelation.

To see Christ revealed in the Book of Revelation we must first recognize the book provides information through the use of symbols. If we take the book’s symbols literally, we end up with the same age-old teachings of death and destruction. The seven seals, trumpets, bowls of wrath, and other sets of symbols remain neatly packaged containers of information that follow one another in logical order, and describe the calamitous destruction of the world. The blowing of the seven trumpets follow the opening of the seven seals. The pouring out of the fifth bowl of wrath follows the pouring out of the fourth bowl of wrath and so on.

What happens if we look at these sets of symbols in a different way? What happens when we see that it is not a particular set of like symbols that provides the information that reveals Christ, but rather the combining of elements from different sets of symbols? The first elements of different sets, the opening of the first seal, the blowing of the first trumpet, the pouring out of the first bowl of wrath, and so on, reveals Christ within us in some way. The second elements of these sets, the second seal, the second trumpet, the second bowl of wrath, and so on, reveals Christ in another way. Bible scholars have long been aware of the similarities that exist between various elements of different sets of symbols, but to the authors knowledge, no one has explained what that relationship is.

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