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Fairest, Book 1

by Lorelei Knox

Once upon a time in a land far away a queen gave birth to a daughter during a blizzard. The baby had skin as white as the snow that was falling as she was born and a thick shock of dark hair. The king and queen were overjoyed to have such a lovely daughter. Only one thing marred their joy. The king’s sister Morwenna was ill-tempered and spiteful. She went out of her way to make those around her unhappy. She particularly hated the queen, whom she felt stole her place in the line of succession.

In spite of all this, Morwenna was still a member of the royal family. In an attempt to win her over, the king and queen made her the baby’s godmother. One of the privileges of being godmother was the right to name the child. The queen was nervous for the week leading up to the Naming Day; whatever Morwenna named the child would be binding. Would she choose a good name or would she use the opportunity to be unpleasant?

The fact Morwenna was in such high spirits on the Naming Day gave the king and queen pause. However, they could not, at that point, take the privilege of godmother away from Morwenna without causing a rift in the family, so they simply hoped for the best. Morwenna took great joy in the announcement of the name: Snow Whore, in “honor” of the girl’s mother. The king and queen were horrified and humiliated but there was nothing they could do to change their daughter’s formal name. They could, however, encourage a nickname and so they did. The lovely princess, from that day forward, was known to everyone except Morwenna simply as Snow. Morwenna, true to her malicious nature, used her niece’s full name and used it as often as possible.

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