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The Average Joe’s Guide to Early Retirement

An easy to follow plan for anyone to reach their financial goals

Author: D.W. H.W.

Copyright 2012 by D.W. H.W.

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1- What do you really want in life?

What are the secrets to great wealth? Can I become a millionaire? Does money really matter to me? Will I ever be able to retire? And if I do retire, will I be young enough to still do all of the things I’d like to do? What are the things I really want to do with my life?

Most of us ask ourselves these questions at some point in our life. Besides, who grows up and doesn’t want to be wealthy when they are an adult? Who doesn’t want fame and fortune? One thing most people can agree on is that having more money can lead to a better life. Rather stated a different way, when faced with the choice of having a lot of money or very little, I don’t know anyone that would prefer to have very little of the stuff.

For most of us the thought of having great wealth is something we can only dream of. Maybe we’ll win the lottery one day or stumble upon some baseball cards in the attic that will fetch a million at an auction. Or perhaps some long lost relative that we didn’t even know might pass and leave us their secret fortune. All of these are nice things to dream of, but in reality the chances of any of those things happening are pretty slim.

Aside from having a job that pays you six figures or more, for most of us, it seems nearly impossible that we might one day be independently wealthy. And by independently wealthy, I mean not having to rely on a job you hate to make ends meet. You see, I was like you at one time. Starting my career in a job that I didn’t really enjoy and wishing for my ship to come in one day. I was not lucky enough to be blessed with great talents in sports or entertainment. I was never going to land a $30 million dollar contract to play baseball or get $20 million to star in a new film. So I asked myself, was my life going to be filled with going to an 8-5 job that I hated everyday for the rest of my life?

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