BY David Williams

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As we traveled through the wormhole we saw we had only traveled fifty-seven parsecs but now we were in the Beta quadrant. A very backward quadrant, so backward nobody ever bothered to tell anybody what quadrant they were in. We sent a tackyon beam to what looked like an M class planet hoping this might send us back but with no luck.

Captain's log: star date 23.0211:

We have arrived in the Beta Quadrant on the star ship VHS. A vessel has approached us at high impulse. We scanned the vessel and we realised they were charging weapons.

" Raise shields and polarize the hull plating.” I ordered and we quickly targeted their weapons array. Moments later they hailed us and asked us to meet them on the planets surface.

An hour later six-crew members and an alien beamed up from the planets surface. I thought it was time to make introductions.

" I am Captain Hemorrhoid and this is Commander Fruit Loop. Are you from the Beta quadrant?" I asked.

" Where? Oh no I am not from here. I am Harrison of the Ford Galaxy. I traveled here in my space ship equipped with mega drive. It goes faster than warp speed but you have be on your toes. If you hit a super nova at these speeds you can kiss your butt goodbye.”

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