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Last Tales of Mercia 8:

Audrey the Slave

Jayden Woods

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Jayden Woods

Edited by Malcolm Pierce

Cover design based on the Bayeux Tapestry


The ten Last Tales of Mercia are stand-alone short stories featuring real historical figures and characters from the Sons of Mercia series. You may read them independently as quick glimpses into an ancient world, or as an introduction to the world of the novel, Edric the Wild. For more news and updates on the Sons of Mercia series, visit



1058 A.D.

All Audrey wanted to do was sleep. Despite her night meal of pottage and bread, her stomach continued to ache with hunger. Despite the thick calluses across her palms, her skin still felt raw from carrying stones all day. Despite the vigor of her youth and the strength of her muscles, her body never ceased to feel sore and weary. And despite seven years of experience with which to grow accustomed to her fate, she dreaded tomorrow so much that her head spun just thinking about it. But the one thing she looked forward to each day was the end of it: that sweet moment she could lay down her body, let her muscles unwind, stare up at the flickering ceiling of the slaves’ hall, and sink slowly into oblivion.

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