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Reflections of the Past

By David Williams

Published by David Williams at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 David Williams

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Captain’s log: star date 01.0312.

As we beamed onto the planet surface there was a large crowd of people waiting to greet us. This is the first M class planet we had found since our return to the Beta quadrant. This part of the planet we have beamed onto looks slightly familiar although I know I have never been here before. This planet seems to be divided into four sections. A section made up of mostly water, a residential section, an industrial section and a desert come Wild West setting.

It has been a year since we last visited the Beta quadrant and I am now the captain of a brand new star ship. The VHS has now been decommissioned and I now have the privilege of being in charge of the best ship star fleet has built. It is called the DVD and it is capable of reaching warp twelve point two.

I have a few new officers now, Commander Fruitloop was reassigned to another ship and Sub Commander Appalled has been given her own ship, also the holographic doctor’s son, Pestly Flusher has been made an ensign. We now have a new officer, Sub Commander Kazzie-Spockers. She is part human, part Vulcan and slightly Romulan on her grandmother’s side. We call her the logical one and I know she will be great asset to our team, the only thing about her is she has a very illogical fear of spiders.

On leaving space dock we were given the assignment of finding the wormhole we had traveled through before and exploring the Beta Quadrant. This planet is 15 light years from the planet we had visited previously and until we know differently we are naming the planet Omballa Nine.

So four of us have beamed down to the planet surface, Ensign Hairy Follicle, the science Officer Mr. Sook and Lieutenant Base the android have accompanied me. I left Sub Commander Kazzie-Spockers in charge of the comm.

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