As Dr. Stevens was sitting at his Uncle's desk in the library at the mansion he decided that he would invite some of his so called friends over to spend the night and hunt for his Uncle Henry's hidden treasure. The doctor couldn't stand any one of them because all they cared about was money not his friendship. Dr. Stevens said, "This is a perfect idea. I'll mail out invitations to them to spend the night in the mansion which is said to be haunted and tell them whoever finds the treasure by morning will receive a $100,000 dollar reward for finding the hidden treasure.

Chapter Two: The invite and the game

The next morning invitations were mailed out to Doug, Karen, Tim, Susan, Steve and Mike. The day was set for the following Friday at nine pm. The doctor knew his friends wouldn't back out because they weren't wealthy, but they all had one thing in common the love of money. In the invitations the doctor told them transportation would be provided for by a stretch limo. The greedy money hungry friends were ready and waiting for the limo to arrive to head to Dr. Steven's Uncle Henry's mansion in search of the hidden treasure. The only treasure these greedy money hungry so called friends would be getting is the treasure of death.

Finally, Friday arrived and the limo pulled up to the front of the mansion to let the money hungry guests out for a night of terror. It was a perfect night for terror the wind was blowing and the rain was pouring down with the sound of thunder and lightning. The limo driver let everyone out of the car and escorted them to the front door of the mansion. The limo driver knocked on the door and Dr. Stevens answered the door and greeted everyone in to the mansion. All the guests were in awe at the beautiful mansion and quickly noticed the room full of antiques. They all were whispering amongst each other about knocking off Dr. Stevens and looting the mansion. But Dr. Stevens knew they were probably entertaining the notion. As all the guests entered the living room the fireplace was burning and the storm was raging outside. Dr. Stevens said, "Welcome everyone to my mansion as you all may know the mansion belonged to my Uncle Henry that has now passed on and was handed down to me. Before we start the treasure hunt there is an envelope with a map of the layout of the mansion. Also you are provided with a flashlight in case the storm knocks out the power. You will not be able to leave the mansion until six am tomorrow morning. To make sure no one tries to leave before six am there are bars on all the windows and the front and back doors are guarded by pit bulls that are very hungry for human flesh. If no one has any further questions the treasure hunt will begin." "I’ve got a question?” replied Susan, "Why all the security? I'm sure every one of us all has no plans on leaving until we find the hidden treasure." "It's just a precaution because I want everyone present when the treasure is found," exclaimed Dr. Stevens. "The treasure hunt will now begin and good luck to you all and remember you have until six am to find the treasure," said Dr. Stevens. The lights flashed on and off in the mansion then Dr. Stevens vanished. What everyone didn't know was that Dr. Stevens was murdered in the mansion several days ago and the caretaker didn't notify any of the guests of his passing.

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