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About Cyrenaica

Cyrenaica (pronounced Cer En A she-ah), the city on these pages is fictitious. It is situated west of the Barrows River. Its population is near seven million people, is much like the metropolitan areas of New York City, Chicago and Los Angles. The city contains burrows or precincts such as, Cyrenaston and Northbrook, the northwestern suburbs of the well-to-do. Elkington, Chinatown, Langston, Hampstead and Old Town. In the center of the city is the Canyons, a business and financial district that is similar to Manhattan and Wall Street. The Barrows is located in and around the banks of The Barrows River, is the seamier enclave that caters to the inhabitants who are of all sexual persuasions.

Cyrenaica is the locale of over twenty full-length femdom novels published by Max Swyft. In future stories and novellas to be available through Smashwords, a map of the city will be inserted for easy reference.

Unless otherwise noted, all characters and events of these stories come from the twisted fetishistic mind of Max Swyft, and are his exclusive property.

This tale comes from the largest organ in the human body: the mind.

I'm the Prophet of the Utterly Absurd / Of the patently Impossible and Vain -- And when the Thing that Couldn't has occurred / Give me time to change my leg and go again.

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