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First Time With The Doctor

(Hot Sex & Gay Erotica)

by Patsy Highsmith

Copyright 2012 by Patsy Highsmith

Published at Smashwords

John ran across the field, determined to catch the other player. His speed surprised even himself. He was so full of energy lately – it felt like he was going twice as hard in everything he did.

He caught up to his opponent, grinning at the look of surprise on his face. He put on an extra burst of speed, got ahead of the other player, and slid towards the ball, kicking it back towards his teammates. He grinned as his team took control of the ball and began to maneuver towards the opposite side of the field.

The opposing player swore and began to chase after it.

John stood and started to run after him, but as soon as he took his first step a sharp pain went through his groin. He took another step and the pain shot through him again. Holding his inner thigh, John limped off the soccer field.

You hurt, John?” Coach Daniels asked.

John nodded. “I think I pulled something.”

Coach Daniels called over the assistant coach. "Drive him to the doctor's office, get him checked out."

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