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It’s Only Temporary

Eric Shapiro

Published by Permuted Press at Smashwords.

Copyright 2005 Eric Shaprio


So, what’re you gonna do now?”

That’s the question, isn’t it? That’s the only question we have. All the other questions are supporting players to that one. You can ask yourself if you paid the rent last month, ask yourself if you should leave your husband, ask yourself if you’re in the mood for pasta, but when you boil it all down, you’re left with:

What now?”

On this day, the question is particularly hard. Perhaps excruciating is a better word. There won’t be other days for doing other things. This, as they say, is it. Whatever you do, you had better choose wisely, and you had better do it right. Or wrong. It really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Because pretty soon, there will be no grand scheme of things.

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