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Death Can Dance Too: and Other Stories of Mayhem, Machines and Monsters

By Brett McKean

Copyright 2012 by Brett McKean

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents

1. Death Can Dance Too

2. The Pitcher Plant

3. Quadplex

4. The Unmasked Assister

5. The Amazing Disappearing Man

6. The Tin Ear Painting

Death Can Dance Too

At least there was a dress code at the Luna Dei: no jeans, no baseball caps, no t-shirts. Like all dress codes, its purpose is to keep out undesirables such as the hoodlums and house party drunks who decide to rip it up at the club. The clientele at the club I was playing was fairly high end, or what passes for high end in Minneapolis. Now, don’t get me wrong, the club scene there is up and coming. It isn’t Vegas or San Francisco, but it’s up and coming.

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