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What Others Are Saying about This Book...

“Stunning! An elegant memoir of discovery, of dark secrets dragged into the light.”

Catherine Watson, Lowell Thomas Award–winning travel editor and author

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“Unfinished business can surface when we least expect it. It Started with Dracula is the inspiring story of two parallel journeys: one a carefully planned vacation and the other an astonishing and unexpected detour in healing a wounded heart.”

Charles Whitfield, MD, bestselling author of Healing the Child Within and Not Crazy: You May Not Be Mentally Ill

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“Thrilling! Dracula fans will love the movie references and devour the adventures of one of their own in Romania.”

C. Dean Andersson, author of I Am Dracula

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“An elegantly written and cleverly told real-life adventure story proving that the struggle for self-love is universal. An electrifying read.”

Diane Bruno, CISION Media

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“I love this book for many reasons, but as an editor I especially appreciate the structure—the brilliant interweaving of stories and locations. I tend to notice the writing, of course, the way the words are used. This is a beautiful book.”

Mary C. Noschang, editor-in-chief, Peter Li Education Group

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“Compelling and inspirational! I never tire of the message that hope and forgiveness are possible—even after many years.”

Sharrie Williams, author of The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It

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