Just Because You’re Suicidal Doesn’t Mean You’re


The Psychobiology of Suicide

Randi J. Jensen


Copyright 2012 Randi Jensen

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The recommendations in this book should not take the place of medical and or psychiatric treatment. If you are actively suicidal, please save your life now and either phone someone who can be with you, phone the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255, go to the nearest hospital emergency room or call 9-1-1. You are not alone.

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Randi Jensen has brought us a fascinating and illustrative view of suicide from the inside. After 24 years struggling with her own suicidality she gives us an insightful explanation of how suicidal thought develops over time through endorphin-driven neural pathways. She does this in a way that compels us to turn each page to learn more, to experience more, to garner more hope and understanding.

Moreoever, Jensen gives the world a new way of helping individuals who battle with suicidality — a way that plucks suicide out of the stigma of emotional instability and places it rightfully in the realm of neurobiology. This book is written in a way that you feel you are sitting with her having a deep and heartfelt conversation.

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