Praise for City of Demons:

City of Demons is a fast-paced page turner of a fantasy novel, with rich characters, vivid, evocative settings and a deep vein of universal truth. Bullied by a brutal father, Garet yearns for a life that matters. When their farm is attacked, he must face his new destiny. His quest to defeat the demons, both within and without, that stand in his way sweeps the reader along on a wild ride. The writing is infused with emotional intensity and a deep understanding of human nature. City of Demons marks the debut of a fresh, new voice in fantasy writing.”

Wendy Phillips, Governor General's Literary Award winning author of Fishtailing

The door latch started to rise, pushed up by a long, curved blade slid between the door and the jamb. The latch cleared its hook, and the door opened a crack. The thin blade was joined by three others, and Garet saw that they were not knives; they were a set of claws, attached to a bony, mottled arm.

And for Garet, a change comes. Forced to leave the isolated farm where he has grown up with a cruel father, he must travel beyond the mountains that have been–in his lifetime–borders of safety. But the world beyond is filled with the terrifying and the new: demons, whose power is Fear.

Garet reveals an ability with demons, and is chosen to become a Bane, a demon-fighter. But being chosen does not make the training or the task any easier. His tutor, a young woman named Salick, and the small company of Banes become family, and they make their way to a new city, and a new life.

City of Demons is a terrific debut novel. Lock the doors before you set out on this journey. Pick it up and turn the pages, and be pulled in by that bony, mottled arm. You will not put it down again.”

Alison Acheson, author of Molly's Cue

City of Demons: A Novel

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